Meet Our Experts

The Sales Circus experts all bring unique expertise on how to sell, grow your sales pipeline, and more They will share their journey and proven techniques that helped them get there.

Your Hosts of the Summit:

Bustier Your Sales With A Virtual Assistant

Mary Sue Dahill

Sales Shouldn't Be A Three-Ringed Circus! Tame Your Leads With A CRM

The Experts:

Chip Edwards

It's Showtime, Smart Speakers are in the Big Tent now!

Dedee Cai

Step Right Up! The Psychology Behind the Sale

Kate Nelson

Stop Making Sales A Sideshow - Fast Path Your Business Success

Kim Fredrich

Tame the Sales Lion With a Personalized Outreach Strategy that Guarantees Growth

Melissa Jakes

Cannonball Your Sales With A Virtual Event!

Meredith Eaton

You Should Write a Book! The power of publishing as a tool for business growth.

Rita Goodroe

Be the Ringmaster of meaningful relationships, powerful opportunities and more sales using Clubhouse

Tamara Golden

The Business of Bonding™: How, When & Why to Leverage Retreats in Growing Your Business

Interested in speaking at a future Small Business Grit Virtual Experience, please let us know and you will be the first to know when we start accepting applications.