Meet Our Experts

The Six Figure Salon experts have all exceeded $100k in annual revenue in their business and many are on their way to $1M in annual revenue. They will share their journey and proven techniques that helped them get there.

Your Hosts of the Summit:

The Experts:

Carolyn Herfurth

Presentation & Live Q&A:

Creating an XO Economy™ 5 Mindset Resets For Growth Focused Female Founders

Cyndy Porter

Presentation & Live Q&A:

The 3 Keys to Growing your Business

Dr Carey Yazeed

Beauty, Brains

& Business

Presentation & Live Q&A:

Pricing To Profit

Jasmin Haley

Presentation & Live Q&A:

Create Your Lasting Legacy

Jen Devore

Presentation & Live Q&A:

How to Create an Infinite Pipeline of Phone Call Leads with Attraction Marketing

Jen Hemphill

Presentation & Live Q&A:

Stop Thinking Small & Start Making Bigger Money Moves

Jillian Verdun

Interactive Workshop:

Profit Strategies for Financial Success

Lorraine Ball

Presentation & Live Q&A:

Burn The Boats: Fulling Committing To Business Success

Mary Cravets

Fireside Chat:

Mary's Journey to Six Figures & Beyond

Melina Palmer

The Brainy Business

Hot Seat Session:

The Price: Is It Right?

Samantha Riley

Interactive Workshop:

Design, Build, & Launch Your Online Program In 30 Days

Interactive Event Hosts:

Katie Nelson

Interactive Event:

Revenue Runway

Melissa Henry

Interactive Event:

Mastering Your Money Mindset in Pajamas

Monqiue LaRue Wilson

Interactive Event:

Referral Riches

We are accepting speakers for our next Small Business Grit Summit scheduled for Feb 15-19, 2021.

Our next Small Business Grit is called Sales Circus because sales shouldn't be a side show. We invite speakers that have created a platform of influence (book, podcast, FG group, emagazine, etc), sales experts, lead generation experts to apply to speak!