Sales Circus Agenda

Monday, March 15, 2021

12:30 - 1:30p ET - Kickoff & Networking

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

Don't miss the kickoff! Jennifer and Mary Sue have some fun, education engagement opportunities planned that you won't want to miss.

PLUS... We will spend 45 minutes getting to know one another with Turbo Networking a Small Business Grit Signature Networking Event.

1:30 - 2:30p ET - Stop Making Sales A Sideshow - Fast Path Your Business Success

Kate Nelson, Sales Uprising

Demystifies the mystery of why your days are so filled, but no coins in the business coffers. What you are doing in your business at any given point of time is just as important as knowing who you serve and what you deliver!

The Path to get on for faster Results in Business!

2:30 - 3:30p ET - It's Showtime, Smart Speakers Are In The Big Tent Now!

Chip Edwards, Create My Voice, LLC

Smart Speakers are being used by your target audience. And you can control what they say. Let's talk about how Brands are currently using Smart Speakers to engage their audience and what you can do to delight your audience and protect your brand.

1. Your audience is using Smart Speakers, own what they hear.

2. Get your Brand's Invocation Name (aka Verbal Domain Name).

3:30 - 4:30p ET - Be The Ringmaster Of Meaningful Relationships, Powerful Opportunities And More Sales Using Clubhouse

Rita Goodroe, Rita Made Me Do It

Clubhouse is an incredible app for building your audience and creating powerful connections but it is NOT an app that you log in to for the sole purpose of getting clients and making money - and it’s definitely not an app where you only share promotional content!

Clubhouse is a social media platform that focuses on the SOCIAL 1st and the MEDIA 2nd!

So how do you build awareness of you, your expertise, and your business so that you grow an audience, boost your downloads & create a loyal community around your business?

You'll leave this session with easy, and immediately implementable, actions to do just that!

  • The difference between building an audience and creating a community

  • How to use Clubhouse to build meaningful relationships

  • The 4 Value Proposition Levels and why knowing them is crucial to growing your audience

  • The three Cs of Community Building and how you can implement them to boost loyalty, increase downloads and build a movement around your business

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

8:30 - 9:30a ET - From Sideshow to Big Top

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

We will break into small groups for some strategic masterminding on how you can take your sales from a sideshow to the big top.

10 - 11a ET - Tame the Sales Lion With a Personalized Outreach Strategy that Guarantees Growth

Kim Fredrich, The Ventas Group

Business growth comes from three things: marketing, a robust referral process, and proactive sales. Yes, you need to 'sell' to grow! But sales outreach shouldn't feel icky or uncomfortable. Kim will help you create an outbound sales strategy that works for you and your business, help you craft opening lines and voicemails prospects will want to hear, and give you techniques for getting into the selling groove, even when you'd rather stay in bed.

  • your personalized selling schedule

  • where to look for easy opportunities

  • effortless ways to get into the sales mindset

  • what to say in a cold call or voicemail

11 - Noon ET - Sales Shouldn't Be A Three-Ringed Circus! Tame Your Leads With A CRM

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Do you have sales follow-up reminder sticky notes scattered on your desk, laptop, and wall? Feel like you could close more clients, if you'd just follow-up with them?

All the hats we wear as a business owner, make it really tough to stay on top of all of our follow-up. That's why we need automation and a CRM to stay on top of those follow-ups for us.

  • Three ways to make follow-up easy and close more clients

  • Learn the secret to creating a high-touch experience with automation

  • Two simple but brilliant moves to supercharge your business

4 - 5:15p ET - Juggling Your Social Media

Karlyn Ankrom, Oh Snap! Social

You won't want to miss this strategic collaboration event! Karlyn is a social media expert and will lead us through how we can make our social media channels do more of the selling for us.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

1 - 2p ET - Cannonball Your Sales With A Virtual Event!

Melissa Jakes, Rescue Event Planning

I know you're tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to planning your virtual conference, workshop, fundraiser, or business event. This workshop is for you if you are: Ready to stop wasting your time trying to piece together programs, systems, technical details, and virtual event décor. Struggling to market your virtual events online. Want to get more people to register for your virtual event. Confused on how to get started planning a virtual event.

You will learn:

1. The technical setup for speakers, vendors, and attendees.

2.Creating Brand Exposure + Awareness.

3.Tapping into other markets.

4.Using the power of social media to promote and build your brand online.

5.Getting more people to register for your event.

2 - 3p ET - The Business Of Bonding™: How, When & Why To Leverage Retreats In Growing Your Business

Tamara Golden, Journeywork Retreats

Learn how embedding retreats into your business can deepen client loyalty, accelerate client outcomes, and extend your customer lifespan, leading to increased income, impact and influence.

1. When retreats make sense for your business

2. The top 3 must-have retreat components

3. How to leverage retreats in growing your bottom line

4 - 5:15p ET - Create A Carnival

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

This is one of our favorite strategic collaboration events because we have seen several events spring from these signature events. You won't want to miss it!

We are changing the format to have event types that you may choose to participate in a discussion with other like-minded business owners. We will keep the group size to 2-3 people. After you have time to brainstorm together, you will pitch your event to the group.

Event types might be health and wellness, transform your business, social media, etc. You get the idea.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

8:30 - 9:30a ET - Busking For Business

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

10 - 11a ET - Step Right Up! The Psychology Behind The Sale

Dedee Cai, Fit to Profit

Are you struggling to find your ideal clients and those ready, willing, and excited to hire you right away? Are you frustrated with trying to convince people that you are the solution to their problems, and still get the “I can’t afford it” excuses and time objections? STOP THE STRUGGLE.

There is so much out there on what ‘to do’ on a sales call, but no one is actually talking about what happens in the process when the potential client doesn’t buy.

There is more to the sale than getting on a call with your prospective client. The value goes beyond the transaction. The question is how do you get your prospects to believe it.

DeDee Cai will unveil what goes on in your ideal client’s mind during a sales call, how to handle objections, and the pitfalls to avoid so your ideal client is ready and excited to buy from you! In addition, you will be provided with a sales formula that’s customizable to your business.

11 - Noon ET - Bustier Your Sales With A Virtual Assistant!

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

Of course, you'd have more sales if you had more time, right? Well, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, unless you have a virtual assistant! Learn how and what you can delegate to a virtual assistant and why they are the Swiss Army Knives that all business owners need. In this interactive session, we are going to explore several ways that you can leverage virtual help to increase sales and scale your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why A Virtual Assistant Is Exactly What Your Business Needs To Grow & Scale

  • 3 Baby Steps To Delegating To A VA with Task Mapping

  • 5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Bustier Your Sales

4 - 5:15p ET - No Safety Net

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

Friday, March 19, 2021

1 - 1:30p ET - Pitch Your Dog & Pony Show

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

1:30 - 2:30p ET - You Should Write A Book! The Power Of Publishing As A Tool For Business Growth

Meredith Eaton, Eaton Press

Every business professional has a book in them, and every business professional can leverage a book as a powerful tool to establish a platform of influence and grow their business. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to plan and write the right book for your goals, and how to leverage that book as a tool to create or expand your platform of influence.

Participants will:

1. Know how to pick their book topic

2. Have an understanding of how to go about writing their book

3. How to leverage their book as a tool to get more clients, increase media attention, and become the foundation of a larger platform that can launch courses, podcasts, YouTube channels, speaking tours and more.

2:30 - 3p ET - Give-A-Ways & Celebrate Another Awesome Summit

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent

3 - 4p ET - The VIP Tent

Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital

Jennifer Crawford, Sparent