The Next Small Business Grit Virtual Experience

Sales Circus

Let's make selling the main event in your business.

MARCH 15-19, 2021


You don't have to run away to join other ambitious

business owners swinging for seven-figures in sales.

💰 The Sales Circus Virtual Experience combines interactive signature events, live know-how presentations, and strategic networking focused on women business owners and open to ALL.

The Sales Circus Programming Is Designed To Do The Following:

👉 Foster relationships for our attendees that will enhance their network through creative, interactive programming.

👉 Introduce attendees to potential referral partners, collaborators, and strategic partnerships.

👉 Share knowledge and experience from women who have built successful businesses.

👉 Increase your visibility with live, interactive events.

👉 Provide a welcoming, inclusive, FUN environment to learn, grow, and be inspired to action.

👉 Not only inspire, but provide tactical strategies on ways to get your company to the next level.

👉 Get you thinking outside the box, and making bold moves in your business! Actually, there is NO BOX. We crushed the box like we are crushing our 2021 goals.

This experience is for you if you are..

✅ An established business owner that would like to expand your network and knowledge base so that you can scale your company to the next level confidently.

✅ You believe in doing business like a womxn.

✅ A business owner who is looking to engage with other ambitious women, and actively participate in our custom-crafted, interactive events to foster valuable business relationships.

✅ Seeking other innovative women with an inclusive, open, and abundant approach to business.

✅ Building your Fempire while being proactive in your support of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

All-Inclusive Early Bird Tickets are just $150 and include access to Live Presentations, SBG Signature Events, Live Q&A's, Strategic Networking, Creatively Designed Interactive Sessions, A Custom Event Playbook, Loads of Digital Gifts, and Access To Successful Founders. Check out our VIP Upgrade with even more ways to benefit from this virtual experience!

What's Included With Your Ticket?

  • One All-Inclusive Price for LIVE events!
  • Expert Speakers sharing their experience, tools and techniques.
  • Over 10 Free Digital Gifts to help you grow and scale your business.
  • Creative, interactive virtual networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • A promise that this is NOT an excuse to sell you a high ticket program. This is the main event, there is no sideshow!

We are on a mission to make memorable virtual events designed for womxn business owners who can benefit from new business relationships, a larger network, collaboration opportunities, and access to successful founders and the knowledge that got them there.

The Small Business Grit Virtual Experiences are different. You belong here.